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@Alanis has been extraordinarily open about dealing with postpartum depression and anxiety in the past, and now she's sharing the importance of talking to her kids about mental health: "Oh, we talk about therapy all the time," she says. When one of them asks, 'what's therapy?' the conversation goes something like this: "Oh, therapy is where someone really helps you understand your heart, and your soul, and your mind, and your story, and your thoughts." . "I want to give them the feeling that they're not alone, that I'm right here and they can feel it all the way through," #Alanis continues. "Right now I'm reading a book about emotionally focused family therapy—it gets into the crazy clinical nuts and bolts. I think that's the new thing. I really think the earlier you get your family into therapy, the better." . In terms of caring for herself, Alanis says she meditates—but only sometimes. "Sometimes meditating, for anxiety, isn't the right thing," she explains. "Being still is the nectar of the gods. Other times it's like, 'Oh I'm just going to fall into a pit of anxiety attack right now.'" . Tap the link in bio to read the full interview. (????: @kayt_jones)

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