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????Say it with me: I am an Earth Goddess???? ???? It's me: Paula, co-founder of @gaiacollective, & after so many years behind the scenes, I just wanted to drop you a line about what @gaiacollective means to me, today. It took me 8 years to figure this out & I don't think that's a coincidence. 8 is an auspicious number. It connotes a culminating moment of balance, revealing purpose, & opens up opportunity for a deeper meaning to be derived. You may have noticed our new direction, the link in our bio to a survey asking you to share YOUR true Moon Cycle Story, and an overall alignment with all things DIVINELY FEMININE. ???? STAY TUNED for our new website coming ???? dedicated to all things GAIA. GAIA Children, Girls, Mamas, Goddesses, and Advocates — because we really can use all the support we can get as we aim to ride into our 8th year in operation as an aligning force behind all people who identify as female, promoting SELF CARE RITUALS FOR EARTH GODDESSES. GAIA means "Earth Goddess." She is the nurturer if all things. She is the force of nature, Of disaster and generous rebirth, All in one swing. She is powerful yet gentle, Loving yet stern. And, make no mistake, She is a voice that will be heard. Try as they might, She cannot be tamed. She a grace to be reckoned with, And her Spirit can no longer go unnamed. She is GAIA, the Earth Goddess. She is you. She is me. She is . . . The fertile soil that creates all beings. It all started out with a couple of girls & some spray paint. Two beautiful minds making beautiful things, hoping to inspire collective feelings of unity & meaning. ✌️ turned to 3️⃣, then three turned to ✋, & before you knew it we were the GAIA Girls, ready to thrive! Little did we know what we would learn & that Mother GAIA would steer us with every turn. Now that we're here, it's all so clear. This is a house of healing, with no room for fear. So here I am, naked & unafraid to sit in stillness & solace as we rebuild this fortress we made. ???? to everyone who's been by our side. This is only the beginning & I cannot wait to see it all align. All are welcome for the ride. Your GAIA Goddess, P ????‍♀️ . ????: @_charcharbinks_ #alignwithgaia

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