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Wally! What beautiful, athletic jumps! Have you been drinking protein shakes?! "I'm a BUNNY! I slurp HAY not WHEY! My bunny fitness plan includes at least four balloon-bellies of hay per day." (Wally's tummy gets round and plump after he eats - we call it his balloon-belly.) In preparation of an announcement, Wally hops to the edge of the bed and clears his throat: "I'd like to thank my 9 lb. bag of orchard grass hay. Because of you, bunnies across the globe can joyfully jump on beds with strength and finesse!" ☺️ @oxbowanimalhealth (Wally has unlimited access to hay, which is a critical component of good rabbit health. Although our entire home is often sprinkled with hay, I don't mind because Wally and I call it "bunny confetti" - so it's always a party!)

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